Song of the Day: “Choices (Yup)”– E-40

Released in 2014, the most recent single by E-40–25 years into his career–shows that even the Bay Area native’s Swan Song blows most current Hip Hop artists out of the water. The 40 water, that is. 

One sentence that has become synonymous with E-40 over the years is: “How did he come up with that?”

This track perhaps demonstrates the aforementioned question more than any song that has come before. E-40 confidently takes on a concept that could have easily blown up in his face and makes believers out of us all in four and a half minutes. 

In terms of replay ability, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better. After several listens, the song’s effect evolves from quirky novelty, to addictive flow track, and eventually culminates in a prime example of the ageless musical genius known as E-40.

The music video does a good job of demonstrating just how far-reaching the influence E-40 has had on the current musical landscape, useless Snoop Dogg cameo included. 

After all, would I be able to imagine the Hip Hop world without 40 Water?


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