Welcome to Under the Fridge

We are essentially a group of opinionated individuals who have united under one mindset: We love a lot of things.

As eclectically knowledgeable individuals, we have come together to create a place where any topic is fair game. Whether it be movies, TV, music, anime, video games, exercise, sports, or life itself, we’ll talk about them as if they’re the coolest things on earth–because they usually are.

Some come and join us if you ever feel the need to nerd out on several passions at once. We’ll be here.

Here are the fandom omnivores who make up our forces:


Shayne Paladin

Our Father.

Having spent most of his postgrad year lamenting the past and experiencing existential crises, Shayne turned to the outlet he knew best: heroin. Just kidding. It was writing. Shayne decided to change his name and channel his lifelong habit of overthinking into a website where such behavior was encouraged. His goal was to create a space where every passion is accepted.

After several misanthropic months of running his own show, Shayne reached out to several other minds who he found to be stronger than his own. Thus, Under the Fridge was born.

When he’s not writing to drown out the hyper-critical voices in his head, Shayne enjoys exercising, analyzing media, and tending to his prosperous career as a Businessman in Silicon Valley. His other hobbies include watching paint dry, jumping to conclusions, and being involved in toxic relationships.



Anthony Jordan Buencamino

Anthony Jordan Buencamino is a young (un)professional living in the Bay Area of California who enjoys coffee, dogs, hip-hop, reading, and lifting heavy things up and putting them down.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Anthony (or “AJ”, or “Jordan”, or “God” to some) took a job with a major tech company in San Francisco. Despite making decent money and establishing a budding career in advertising sales, Anthony constantly seeks fulfillment outside the office— he can be found at the gym, in a dance studio, or at a local coffee shop.

Like the stepchild of nihilism, he is constantly torn between productivity and distraction… Yet, at the end of the day, Anthony is best described as a relentless optimist parading as a champion of both sarcasm and cynicism.



Alec Killoran

Hey everyone, his name is Alec Killoran and he’s an alco—I mean he’s a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara!  He likes sports, plays guitar, and plays way too many video games, so obviously he has too many girlfriends to list here (lest they find out about each other).  Despite his unhealthy obsession with Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube, he does occasionally venture outside.

Alec has dabbled in improv comedy, acting, religion, and Reddit.  He has an opinion on just about everything, and he’s slowly learning how to not share them with people.  However, sometimes Alec’s opinions are just decent enough to broadcast worldwide, so he’ll write some of them here.  Alec did some writing and editing for his college’s edgy newspaper, The Bottom Line.  If you want to judge his formative years of writing, Googling his name will reveal the spotless and unimpeachable journalistic prowess with which he was born.

Remember, if you disagree with Alec, you’re probably right.  But you’re definitely wrong.



Marcos Leon

Marcos Leon is an educator and aspiring writer living in Central California. They flip between 5 year old goofball and philosophical 20-something. At any given moment they could be discussing literature or howling with their dogs. It’s hit or miss, really.

They spend their days working with high schoolers in an attempt to get them to stop being knuckleheads. In their free time they workout, read manga, and play video games because they have no friends. Clearly this makes them an expert at the social commentary present in the things they read.



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