Song of the Day: “WTF (Where They From)”- Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams

If last year’s Super Bowl halftime performance taught us anything, it was that the music scene is a lot more fun when Missy Elliott is an active member.

Elliott’s show-stealing performance gave viewers a blast from her glorious past, and made most of us long for the flawlessly executed uniqueness that she would constantly bring to the table.

In an era where nostalgic masterpieces like Finding Nemo, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball Z are making notable comebacks, it seems only fitting that Misdemeanor Elliott came back for what very well might be her swan song.

The good news is that—unlike the putrid Spider-Man reboot—Elliott actually delivered. And this time, she’s brought Pharrell William’s famous Midas touch along with her.

Now, a lot of words that I hear being thrown around to describe the new song “WTF (Where They From)” are “weird”, “strange”, or “different”.

I doubt Missy would want it any other way, because those are three words that describe her entire musical career and style. She’s always been different. This shouldn’t be news to anyone. What sets her apart, though, is that she’s different and good.

I’m sure people thought “Get Ur Freak On” and “Gossip Folks” were both puzzling upon their release, too. But Missy doesn’t tailor her music to what people like: she tells them what to like, and it works. Sure, “WTF” is a little more pop-sounding than what Missy is known for, but the familiar tempo and lyrics of the track should satisfy most Missy purists.

And I don’t want to hear any accusations of Missy ripping off Nicki Minaj. That’s like accusing the Rolling Stones of ripping off Green Day–it’ll just make you sound like your knowledge of music history doesn’t extend past 2010. Which it might not, and that’s fine: just don’t disrespect one of the first and best to ever do this style of music.

Pharrell is always a great change-of-pace player on any song. He catches the beat at a different rate than Missy and changes his flow three different times, all while spitting some lyrics that are straight f*cking heat.

Okay, enough of my yapping. I’m going to go listen to it again now.

Welcome back, Queen!

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