Song of the Day: “Crazy Love”- Michael Bublé

In a genre that’s mostly uncharted waters for me—what Wikipedia calls “Vocal Jazz” and “Adult Contemprary”—Michael Bublé’s track “Crazy Love” creates a thematic impression that might seem all-too-familiar to many. I include myself in that demographic (obviously).

What my favorable opinion on the song despite its foreign genre highlights is music’s ability to transcend styles and demographics if the content is relevant to the listener.

In Bublé’s (I just really wanted to use his name again) case, “Crazy Love” is an ode to the often sought-after sensation of being immersed in love. While we might not have all actually been in love before, we might have–at the very least–hoped that we were, and Bublé does a great job of portraying his understanding of the complex emotion–through very simple lyrics.

The sweet-as-a-lollipop lyrics and smooth backing vocals are the finishing touches by a surprisingly (to me, anyway) strong vocal performance by Bublé.

It’s also (gasp!) a cover of a 1970 song by Van Morrison of the same name.

Bublé’s effort does the original justice, but he takes it to another level by adding a vocal touch that helps emulate the sheepish “butterfly in the stomach” feeling that comes with thinking of that one special person.

It’s nice to throttle it down a bit every now and then and listen to some harmlessly innocent tunes. Especially when you’ve been blasting stuff like this all week.

“Bublé” usage count: 5

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